Dulce Candy Ruiz continues to reign as one of the beauty & fashion industry’s top online influencers. An immigrant to America, Dulce serves as an army veteran, published author, wife, and mother. With millions of followers across a variety of social platforms, she aspires to inspire young women around the world in finding their passion and working hard to achieve their dreams.

On this week's episode, Dulce speaks on how she manifested her passion of connecting with people into her newly launched YouTube series, Cafe con Dulce, where she shares her experiences and helps other women come to terms with their own journeys. 

We also dive into how important faith has played a role in her self discovery.

She shares her new aspirations and goals as she enters a new stage in life. Make some room, Oprah! Also, how it’s never to late to start anything, especially when it comes to pursuing higher education. 

We ask about her hustler mentality and how she balances work and motherhood at the same time. She also opens up about what her biggest fears were and how she overcame them. 

Dulce has been on our Super Mamá guest wish list since day one, and it’s amazing to finally see this wish come true. She’s such an inspiration and we are so happy to spread her positivity and light with all of you. Keep dreaming big, sisters! 

Find @DulceCandy on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter , Snapchat and website.

Pick and/or Tip of the Week

After a long search, Bricia has found her new favorite mascara- Pixi by Petra Lash Booster

Paulina has said bye bye to washing dishes; her latest obsession with up & up heavy duty paper plates is real. 

& Dulce Candy shares how she stays fit with Barry's Bootcamp

Show Notes

Cafe Con Dulce

Oprah's SuperSoul Conversations Podcast, Episode 6, Rainn Wilson: Why are we really here? 

SoulPancake YouTube Series

7-Step Nighttime Skin-care Routine

Peloton Bike




Sex therapist extraordinaire, Samara Fabrick is back with us on this week’s episode answering some listener questions, as well as our own, about sex. 

How do you keep things sexy during pregnancy? When and how do you get back into having sex after giving birth? What are some sex shop essentials for yourself and partner? Also, how do you work towards freeing yourself sexually?

As an added bonus, Samara’s fabulous 19 year-old son, Zach, joins in on the conversation! As a UCSC student, Zach teaches sex education through workshops on campus. He talks best products for sex shop first-timers and dives into the myths and techniques behind receiving anal for women AND men.  

This mother and son duo had us on our toes! If you haven't listened to Samara's first time on the show, click here

Picks & Tips of the week

Samara’s tips include, purchasing silicone sex toys over plastic one and giving Esther Perel’s Audible series, “Where should we begin” a listen. Also, Paulina shares a tip on how to spice up a regular date night (involves a trip to a neighborhood sex shop) and Bricia shares her favorite sex toy with us. 

Show Notes Links:

@Oaxacking: Help for people affected by earthquake in Juchitan Oaxaca

Email Samara here

Pjur Lube

Sizzle Lips Lube: Caramel Apple  

Light Bondage Kit

Please Chest Website

Pleasure Chest Workshops/Events

Adam & Eve Website


Book: For Yourself: The Fulfillment of Female Sexuality by Lonnie Barbach

Uber Lube

Chi Chi LaRue's

Book: The State of Affairs by Esther Perel

Book: Mating in Captivity by Esther Perel

Luv Mini Vibrator





Our financial guru, Ramona Ortega from My Money, My Future (Mi Dinero, Mi Futuro) is back! She sits down with Bricia and Paulina to discuss “legacy planning.” Ramona breaks it all down by supplying us with tools and steps on how to protect the wealth we’ve built over generations and how we can keep building on it. 

We dive deeper into life insurance, what a beneficiary is, the differences and benefits of a will and a trust, and how to save for college with a 529 plan. Also, the importance of opening up a dialogue about money with our children and our own parents. 

Plus, Ramona and Paulina give us examples of how they embed money into everyday conversations with their kids, and Bricia speaks on why the best investment you should make is in yourself. 

Show Notes Links: 

JAY-Z 4:44

California Latinas for Reproductive Justice


Plug to Sabio "Coding Bootcamp"

Robinhood App

My Money My Future IG

My Money My Future Facebook

My Money My Future Newsletter

My Money My Future general email





This week on the show we get honest. First, Paulina shares with us the anxiety and emotion she is experiencing as the birth of her daughter approaches. Hear first hand how to manage those emotions and how to be gentle with ourselves.

Then, we sat down with Laura Vargas from Planned Parenthood Los Angeles to talk about sex and sexuality with our children. We brought in expert Laura Vargas Díaz who has worked in the field of sexuality education for over 25 years. Laura is the Senior Health Educator for the Promotoras Training Program at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, which reaches over 20,000 Latinos every year. Laura works alongside an outstanding group of Latina immigrant women who are powerful resources for their community.

We discussed the importance of having an open dialogue about sexuality beginning when our kids were very young. This isn’t just about “the talk” but about being comfortable talking to our kids about this subject throughout the stages of life. Sexuality is about our bodies, our feelings, our behaviors, values. Our children need trusted and informed adults to speak to these subjects throughout the various stages of their lives.

We also discussed that conversations and expectations about dating should be set when our children are 10 to 14 so they understand what a healthy relationship looks like. Not because we are encouraging them to date but because we want them to prepared for what’s ahead. Before high school we should share with our kids what we think about dating and sexuality. We should also ask questions about their environment and what is happening with their peers and then stating our values and intentions.

Talk.Read.Sing by First 5 California: Laura brought some great books to talk to our kids about sexuality at various stages. They include:

Tip and Pick of the Week:

Laura’s Tip: To maximize communication find the best time to talk to your kids. In my teenagers case, I follow his lead which right now is at midnight. 

Paulina’s Pick- Eco lunch containers are amazing for back to school. I like these.

Bricia’s Pick- My husband and I had loads of fun on our last vacation playing board games. We played this one. I also want to remind you to pre-order Lil’Loteria for your kids.

Show Notes and Resources:

Planned Parenthood for Parents

Information for Youth


Resources for Teens

Video for Parents and Teens About Consent, Bullying and Other Topics

Chat online or text "PPNOW" to 774636 (PPINFO) to get answers about pregnancy, birth control, emergency contraception and STDs.




It’s back to school time! This week on the show we had a special guest. Miriam Carrillo has dedicated her career to ensuring kids meet their full potential and achieve their dreams. She has a bachelor’s degree in English and a Minor in Educational Studies from the University of California, Irvine. She earned her Master’s degree in Education and Counseling from California State University, Dominguez Hills. She currently serves as the Director for the Upward Bound in Corona High School. She came to the show to talk to us about how we can support our children towards achieving their academic and professional goals from the beginning.

Miriam is also in the thick of the first few months of being a working mom to a beautiful baby boy, Franco. 

Miriam told us all about the options available to students that go well beyond the traditional bachelor degree. In fact, students can choose from a variety of trade programs, and pursue their individual interests.

We also go into how we can start preparing our kids for the future from the beginning and how we can build a culture of knowledge and love of learning.

Bricia also opens up a discussion about the financing of college and her views on how parents should approach the conversation about this with their teenagers, life skills, and why even kids need a side hustle.

We also talk about education that goes beyond the classroom and why parents are the most important educators and supporters. And how the power of exposure goes a long way!

This is a great episode for anyone who wants to know how to raise driven, self-motivated and self-sufficient children.

We also get the latest on Paulina’s baby prep, and Bricia’s upcoming vacation!

Talk. Read. Sing Tips:

Miriam: I used diaper changes to sing to my child. This a great way to connect with your child and it also helps calm him during changes. Don’t forget to share more moments with us on social media by tagging us and using the #talkreadsing.

Tips/Picks of the Week:

  • Miriam: I think everyone should watch “The Mask You Live In.” I also want to recommend Spectra Pump with rechargeable battery that is so helpful for working moms. For diaper changes I use Wee Wee pads underneath to prevent stains or wet spots.
  • Paulina: My tip is an all inclusive baby registry that allows you to select things you want all in one place. You can start yours on Babylist.com. I actually referred to our own baby shower registry episode to determine what to put in mine! Listen to that episode and check out the registry here.
  • Bricia: Kopari Coconut Oil. I got to try this after attending BeautyCon, it is as good as they say! I love that I can use this on my baby too!

You can get in touch with Miriam here, and you can also send her a message through our private Super Mamas Facebook group. 

Below is a list of the resources mentioned in the episode:

Higher Education in California

California Community Colleges

California State University

University of California

California Independent and Private Colleges & Universities

Paying for College

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Fastweb (scholarships)

Gates Scholarship


A-G Requirement List



Photo of Miriam and Baby: Laura Rach Photography




This week on the show we talked to a Super Mama extraordinaire! Emily Simonitsch sat down with us for a power hour of mentorship. Emily is the Senior Vice President of Talent for Live Nation Entertainment and is a 30-year veteran of live Latin entertainment in California, she has promoted crossover artists like Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez and is responsible for bringing us a lot of the Latin stars we know and love like Luis Miguel and Mana!

She has been married for 38 years, is the mother of 2 sons and has 3 grandchildren, Errol, Kenley and Cole.

She gave us great knowledge about how to climb the corporate ladder while having children, and how to navigate a long-lasting marriage.

We learned so much from her life in the entertainment industry, how she prioritized her time while her children were growing up. She even gave us tips on how to find the perfect babysitter for our kids and a tip to get your kids to listen and get more involved in the decision making process.

She also talked to us about her non-negotiable me time and how it helps her stay grounded.

Plus Bricia shares with us her latest personal-development listens! You don’t miss this episode!

Talk. Read. Sing Tips:

Emily: I always read books every night to my kids and we also prayed every night. Bedtime was the time we used to read to them. Reading “The Family Tree” and “Goodnight Moon” are some of our favorite memories. We made it work for us since the morning wouldn’t work for us since it was too rushed. Now when i’m changing my grandkids I will hand them a book and show them stories and my son and daughter-in law pray with their own kids too!

Bricia: Now my son will remember things I tell him. I always make sure to keep my promises. Talking to your kids also builds trust. If you tell them that you are going to do something just remember that your words means a lot to them.

Pick or Tips of the Week:

Paulina: Tips and Pick- I have the best tip for pregnancy stretch marks! Bio-oil is amazing. It has removed stretch marks I had from weight loss and has prevented new ones from coming after my pregnancies. Check out my complete list of pregnancy must-haves!

Emily: Tip -Get a half-hour for yourself everyday! Do something that makes you feel good every day. Even if it’s taking a long shower and putting some blush on.

Bricia: Tip - I have a life-coach and one of the things they have told me is that we shouldn’t check our phones first thing in the morning because doing that sets us up to be caught up in the demands of other people. The first thing we should do is something for ourselves and give gratitude. Pick- I love the @Wearlively line of lingerie and swimsuits! Super comfortable undergarments. You can take actually of the discount code they created for me and take 10 dollars off your purchase- Swim-Bricia.

Show Notes:

Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays

Tim Ferris  

Zig Ziglar

Tools of the Titans

Joel Osteen

Live Nation




Rachel Gomez is a #badassmami and #momboss, we enjoyed sitting with her to learn about her business Viva La Bonita, a clothing line inspired by the women around her, the women who raised her and the women she continues to meet. After years of being told that Latina Streetwear Brands had no relevance in the industry she has built a brand that encourages all of us to reclaim our identity and be proud of our culture. In this inspirational conversation, this first time mom talked about how her son motivated her to take more control of her life and career. 

She also opens up about how she dealt with building a business while having a newborn. With practical tips about how she found time to work even in those first few weeks. She also talks about how she got to know her baby, and managed postpartum anxiety. 

She also talks about how your passions are indicators of where your business idea can come from and how to deal with the up's and down's of motherhood and entrepreneurship.  

Talk. Read. Sing Tip:

Rachel: My son recognizes the melodies we sang to him during pregnancy and now that he is getting older he is harmonizing too! We also make it a practice to visit the bookstore and let him look through books at the store. We purchase the ones that he likes and we use reading as quality time.  Don't forget to share your #talkreadsing moments with us using @_supermamas and @first5california. 

Tips and Picks: 

Rachel: Don't believe everything you see online and on Pinterest. Don't pressure yourself to live life like an Instagram feed. Let's all aim to present a realistic view of motherhood and not a picture perfect version of your life. If you are finding yourself comparing your life to others then it's time to put your phone down. 

Bricia: I'm re-listening to Tony Robbins "Time of Your Life" program. It's a 10-day program to help you manage your time and focus your attention on your mission and to do the things in life that you really want to do. It forces us to examine the actions in our life that are going to get you the results that you want. If you are stuck in a mindset that "you don't have time" for things you want to do, I recommend you invest 10-days of your life on this. 

Paulina: My daughters love to play dress up! I created an area for them to play dress up and hung up all their clothes out. This has encouraged imaginative play and it has led them to have so much fun. Any extra bracelets, necklaces I find around the house I put it in their area. I got everything I needed at Ikea.

Learn more about Rachel and her brand @vivalabonita and on her site www.vivalabonita.com.




This week on the show we launch our Talk.Read.Sing. Campaign in partnership with First 5 California!

First 5 California is an organization that educates parents, grandparents, caregivers, and teachers about the critical role they play during a child’s first five years. Since their creation in 1998, they’ve supported millions of families with programs and services designed to help more California kids grow up healthy and ready to succeed in school – and in life!

We talk to Jamiann Collins-Lopez who after an extensive career in media came to First 5 California and became a mom shortly after. Since then, motherhood has continued to drive her passion to inform families about the benefits of early education and all the resources First 5 California offers.

We dive into the importance of talking, reading and singing with our children and strategies to make these activities an easy part of our daily life. We discuss at what age children should go to preschool and the importance of early education whether it's at home or in a school setting.

In our new segment, "Talk.Read.Sing." we share how we encourage our kids to #talkreadsing in everyday life.

  • Jamiann shares her son's favorite books like "Magic Tree House."

  • Paulina shares how she is enjoying reading along with her daughter Krista, and how Sabina loves music. She encourages understanding your kids’ favorite activities and tailoring your time to what they like.

  • Bricia shares a small tidbit on how her family incorporates harmony into their everyday life.

We also kick off of our Talk.Read.Sing. Challenge! Share your #talkreadsing moments with us for a chance to be featured! Use #talkreadsing and tag @_supermamas and @first5california. Check out our website supermamaspodcast.com or visit www.first5california.com to learn more.

You can also find more tips and resources on First 5 California's social media channels: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and listen to their Pandora station.

Plus! Paulina opens up about a recent health scare and how she has been dealing with the changes it will bring to her life in the next few months.

Tips and Picks of the Week:

  • Jamiann: I have an app that helps me read to my son. Audiobooks helps us read together at night and it helps him go to sleep.

  • Bricia: Personalized books from @mumablu. You can create a story with your child's name and features.

  • Paulina: My daughters are super into Loteria now and it's a game they play with their grandparents. You can actually pre-buy Lil'Libros new Lil' Loteria game made especially for kids.  

Show Notes:

First 5 California

More info about the Talk. Read. Sing.®  Campaign




This week on the show we sat down with Ana Guajardo, she is the creator of ChaCha Covers, a line of culturally inspired nail decals that have significantly influenced the nail art landscape, and are used by nail artists locally, nationally and internationally.

Ana has lived in Los Angeles for 14 years and was originally born in Mexico and raised in San Antonio, Texas. She studied Art History and Cultural Studies, from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque as well as the University of California Los Angeles. She is a mother of two daughters, born on the same day, 9 years apart.

Ana talked to us about motherhood, how Cha Cha Covers got started and how it has helped Ana make her motherhood dreams a reality.

She also shared all about how she co-parented with her daughter’s father for a few years before getting back together and having a second baby!

Why she is homeschooling her daughter as she approaches middle school age to allow for her to travel more.

How she feels about turning 40, and this stage of her life. Hear about what she reads to stay centered.

Show Notes: 

Stub Hub Center


Real Madrid

Tips and Picks of the Week:

Ana-Nuk Mash and Serve Bowl - Easy, portable way to mash up baby food. Baby loves the textures and it allows you to serve them food you are eating. She also had a life tip: "9 year age gaps are not as bad as you think they are. My daughter is super helpful with my youngest."

Paulina-Stearns Puddle Jumper Basic Life Jacket- Lightweight, life jacket for the pool

Bricia-Baby Foot Peel- A two week process that leaves your feet soft and silky. Just be aware extreme peeling will occur.

You can find our guest here Instagram: @chachacovers, @culturacanvas or on her website.





This week on the show we sat down with Kim-Lan Dovan an expert on all things baby and toddler transitions. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with over 16 years of specialized experience with babies, young children, and their parents. Her background is in child development with extensive training in infant mental health. Kim-Lan has been a Wright Mommy and Me instructor for the last 7 years and has worked with hundreds of families.

She is the mother of a young daughter and fondly remembers their time together in mommy and me class. She believes all new parents deserve a community where they can grow and learn with their babies. Kim-Lan’s passion is to offer guidance and support to new mothers and fathers through a mindful and informative approach as they take their first steps on their journey through parenthood. 

We had an interesting conversation about how to get our babies to have good sleep habits, how to balance being flexible with having a routine that benefits our kids. 

Paulina also talked to us about how she is preparing her youngest daughter to sleep independently when the new baby comes later this year. 

We also talk about various philosophies on sleep and helping them learn to self-soothe. They share tips for getting sleep through the newborn stage. 

Learn about the 3-day rule and how it pertains to sleep and baby routines. 

Remember that there is a way that works for your family and we hope that hearing various ways of doing this is helpful to you. 

Grab your coffee or Michelada and grab a seat there are so many useful tips and tricks in this episode! 

Kim-Lan currently leads mommy and me and toddler classes at The Family Room in San Marino. For more info on the Wright Mommy and Me classes/curriculum. Check out their site.

Check out the HappySleeper.Com for classes via skype and consultations. 

Tips and Picks of the Week: 

Kim-Lan: Find your mommy village! Online groups can be life-changing and you might get answers to questions. (Don't forget to join our Super Mamas Facebook Group)

Paulina: Sunscreen that can go over your makeup is life-changing. We love this one! Another tip is to put all your sunscreens in a Ziploc bag in your purse to keep them all together. Try essential oils for sleep we like Do Terra's: Serenity and lavender. 

Bricia: Pump before going to sleep and keep bottles with breast milk in your room. Keep your bottle warmer in the bedroom to feed the baby and take turns bottle feeding. This was easier for us than to breastfeed at night. The bottle also helped me know how much breast milk my son was receiving. Another tip that worked for me is to transition him to a toddler bed at 20 months this prevented him from ever climbing out of the crib. 








This week we invited Marisol Garcia, owner of Together in Birth to the show. She's a birth and postpartum doula and her company focuses on educating and empowering women and couples to achieve the birth they desire. They also provide prenatal education classes, workshops, services and guidance throughout the pregnancy and postpartum journey.

In this episode you will learn what a doula does, how can they help both the Mom and her partner have a better birth  experience, how do they help before, during and post labor.  Why she believes that childbirth is a women's rights issue. 

Marisol received her doula training from Birth Goddess Midwifery, she is a certified childbirth educator, has completed traditional Mexican rebozo workshops for use in labor & postpartum and most recently completed an intense 9 month cultural postpartum course focused on traditional Mexican herbs & cerradas (closing of the hips) for the postpartum mother with Indigemama Ancestral Healing.

 She is also the mother of two sons. Her own birth experiences serve to inform her work and how she supports mothers in their own journey's. 

She shares with us her experiences as a doula and as the founder of the Latina Mothers Collaborative a group of mothers in the birthing profession who provide support and resources to other mommas. 

If you are expecting a baby, planning to get pregnant or know someone that is pregnant, this is a great episode for you!

Learn more about our guest and her work on her website: Togetherinbirth.com or find her on Instagram @togetherinbirth. 

Show Notes: 

Together in Birth

The Bradley Method

Latina Mothers Collaborative

Tips and Picks: 

Affirmation Cards for Labor

Active Birth: The New Approach to Giving Birth Naturally  

Organic Tampons and cloth pads






This week’s guest is Lesley Yadon, a life coach who specializes in supporting mothers. She talked to us about how to have less guilt, and more joy in our motherhood experiences.

She explained to us what a life coach is and shared her strategies to help mothers care for their minds, bodies and souls during pregnancy and in the first few months of parenthood. 

She also shares with us how she chose this career after her own pregnancy and birthing journey left her feeling inadequate. 

In this honest conversation, the ladies talk about how we focus on “things” we need to buy to get ready for a new baby but rarely talk about how to prepare emotionally for the changes that motherhood brings.  They discuss how they felt after having a baby and how they navigated their complex emotions. 

Lesley shares her strategies to manage on the top areas of concern for most mothers, guilt and worry.

We also talk about specific exercises that you can start TODAY to increase mindfulness and be a more centered, and calm mother.

Plus, learn more about life coaching, how it differs from therapy and why it’s a worthy investment.

Tip and Picks of the Week:

Lesley Yadon: If you feel scattered or erratic. Take deep cleansing breaths and breathe out slowly through your mouth as if you are breathing through a straw. Take three deep breaths every morning to start the day centered. While taking deep breaths, envision white light filling your body and cleansing tension. In the second breath, imagine filling your body with gratitude and send it out through your feet. During the third breath you set the intention for the day. For example, “Today i’m going to be calm.”

Paulina: My morning ritual is that I open the windows and let air in. This immediately changes the energy in the room and enhances my mood. I follow this by putting music on and that helps me get going and have the kids get ready. Light and music make a huge difference in my life. At night, I open the window and put on candles to help set the mood for sleep time. These two rituals help me transition into and out of my day. 

Bricia: I stretch with my baby every morning. I grab a yoga mat and we do it together. He also follows the breathing techniques. This is a great way to introduce kids to mindfulness and relaxation rituals. It’s also another way to share time together.

Show Notes

Lesley’s tips and recommendations on mindfulness:  

Lesley’s Gifts to Our Listeners:  

  • How to have a happier, stress free morning":  Happier Morning
  • How to create a Blessingway. A ritual for expectant mothers.  Blessingway

Find more of Lesley by visiting her site

Don't forget to follow us on Instagram @_supermamas and check out our community page for more! 




We are so excited to share our conversation with our dear friend Cristela Alonzo the voice of “Cruz Ramirez” in the new Disney/Pixar Cars 3 movie! There’s so much good in this episode. You don’t want to miss a minute of it!

Cristela is a history maker! In 2014, she became the first Latina to create, produce, write, and star in her own primetime comedy, Cristela. You may also recognize her from her hilarious Netflix special Lower Classy.

We talked to her about life lessons, broken teeth, Selena dreams and being the “good” Latina daughter.

We hear the story about how the Supermamas and Cristela are almost like sisters!

She shares the special message she hopes Cars 3 delivers to kids all over the country and what it feels like to be a part of such a big Disney franchise.

We hear all about the Supermamas that have inspired her, including her mother and sister.

Paulina also shares a story about the pressure our daughter’s face and why this movie was especially significant for her at this moment in time.

Cristela drops valuable knowledge about how to deal with haters and bullies both online and in-person. You don’t want to miss how dealing with a high school bully gave her the resilience to push through defeat in her life.  

This is a dynamic chat you don’t want to miss. Share this episode with a friend!

Show Notes:

Cars 3 Trailer


Lower Classy

La Guelaguetza

Paulina’s First Press Junket

Super Mamas Cars Movie Review

Tips and Picks:

Paulina's Tips: Epsom salts are great for swollen feet that can happen to  pregnant mom’s. Check out this recipe for Lavender epsom salts. Another tip is to make sure you have a pregnancy pillow like this one. These two things will ensure you get a good night’s sleep in your second trimester.

Cristela’s Tip: Do things that you used to love as a kid! It’s a great reminder of simpler times. If you have kids it's a good way to let them see a more playful side of you. 

Bricia’s Tip: Get yourself some adult toys and show yourself love from time to time. This tip applies to our child free listeners too. (You’re welcome)

Summer Fun Tips: Plan a playdate for your kids. Create games for them to be outside and active. Remember to allow time just for free play without technology. 

Keep up with Cristela on Instagram and Twitter:@cristela9




Veronica Tolentino is the Vice-President and Co-Founder of Dude.Be Nice, an apparel company that is striving to set a new standard by inspiring people’s fashion and lifestyle. Their approach is that fashion and building community go hand in hand and she is the mastermind behind their vision and success. She is also the mother of a 13 month old child. 

We had a super fun comadre session with her this week! 

 We hear her story about starting over at 30 after a 10 year career in the non-profit sector. We also dive into the transition to motherhood, and how she adapted to this big change in her life while building a business. Why sometimes it takes time to bond with your baby, and how to deal with the opinions of others. 

In this conversation, we talk dive into motherhood guilt, balancing it all, and the things that keep us up at night.

 We also learn how this busy mom keeps organized and keeps track of things and the life-changing magic of having a trusted babysitter.

Paulina, also tells us about how she’s thinking about approaching childbirth differently this time around.

Follow Veronica @wearingthat ,Follow Dude.BeNice @Dudebenicela. 

 Show Notes:

Tips and Picks of the Week:





This week we welcome back Gabrielle Kaufman MA,LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC a clinical counselor with over 20 years of experience in the helping profession who currently serves as the Director of Training and Technical Assistance at Maternal Mental Health Now. An organization that works to ensure mothers are receiving proper diagnosis and mental health support during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

She is back to talk about loss, grief and how to get through a difficult time in your life, and how to be supportive to someone in your life who has lost a child. 

We talk about the many types of losses mothers can experience and how infertility struggles can trigger the same type of feelings as the death of a child. 

"We should be vulnerable and open with our friends especially during difficult times." 

She also gives advice and words of comfort to mothers and families dealing with a loss and shares tips on rituals and things that you can do to navigate the various emotions you are experiencing. 

Gabrielle shares with us what to say, what not to say, and what to do during these difficult times. Why we should resist the urge to stay quiet and avoid painful topics.

Show Notes:

Museo El Trompo Tijuana

T-Ball Set

Gabrielle Kauffman

MissFoundation.org- Peer led support group for mothers who had a loss

Stillbirthday.com- A pregnancy loss is still a birthday

Tips and Picks of the Week:

Paulina: Seat of the Soul - I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to learn more about the spiritual and the non-physical. If you just went through a loss this book might give you a different lens from which to analyze death. Also, Oprah read this over 30 times! 

Gabrielle: What Not To Say After A Loss- Don’t say “everything happens for a reason” after someone had a loss. I would always shy away from saying things like, “your baby is with the angels.” While these are well meaning things to say they will not be comforting to someone who just went through a loss. 

Bricia: You can be there for your friend just by delivering food, or a cup of coffee. After a loss even errands like grocery shopping can be hard and so you can even have groceries delivered through an app, like Instacart 

Photo: Pixabay





Trigger Warning: Loss, Grief, Cancer, Rainbow Babies

This week on the show we talk about the grief that has no name. The loss of a child.  Our amazing guest Mary Carrillo reminds us that grief is not a stationary journey but that it can also be an opportunity to love harder, and live an authentic life.  

In 2014 she lost her son Calvin Preston. Mary talks to us about resilience and how to create a meaningful life after a devastating loss.

Mary is the Founder of Calvin Preston Foundation, founded in honor of her son Calvin who was diagnosed with blood cancer and died in March of 2014.

How she has embraced vulnerability since her son's passing.

In this heartfelt episode, she tells us about what she felt when the Dr’s told her there was nothing left to do for her son and the moment she knew it was time to let him go. The difficult moments after his passing and the decision she made to understand his life would never be in vain.

The promise she made to her son, about how she would keep his legacy alive. How she has found her passion, and her drive since his passing. 

We also talked to her about resilience, the decision to be happy she makes everyday. How she has dealt with loss for the last 3 years and how she has resisted the urge to lock herself away.

She assures that there is beauty that lies in front of us but we must choose to find the magic in everyday, how she remains grateful for the years she had and her child. How she got to a place of more peace and acceptance. 

The Calvin Preston Foundation focuses on providing support for children in underserved areas who have been diagnosed with cancer. They offer assistance to families for everything from basic necessities to toys for the Holidays. The raise funds throughout the year. This includes a big toy drive for Christmas and pampering for mom's who are often primary care givers to their sick children. 

She also give advice for anyone dealing with grief or loss. How she took it minute-to-minute. Plus, she shares what messages brought her great comfort after losing her son. 

How she armed herself with the right tools to learn to live with her loss. She reminded us that there is no one-size fits all formula to deal with grief.

The unexpected love that came into her life after Calvin’s passing and how she is dealing with living with grief.

We know some things cannot be healed as they are just carried. She left us with great lessons in resilience, happiness and how the best way to find meaning and healing is to give back.

We are so grateful to Mary for sharing her story, her son's legacy and her light with us and our listeners. 

Follow her @TheMaryPosa and @calvinprestonfoundation

Click here to learn about :The Calvin Preston Foundation

Click here to make a donation to support the foundation's work

The Mariposa Blog

Show Notes:

The Calvin Preston Foundation

The Mariposa Blog


Mary Posa: Writing journals help us make sense of the world and navigate complex emotions. A journal also gives us a way to feel less alone in the world. I have been journaling for a very long time. She also started a blog, Maryposa that has helped deal with her grief.

Essential oils have helped her manage her emotional state and have many other uses. 

Paulina: La Santa Cecilia's newest album, Amar Y Vivir, with powerful vocals and the music of our grandparents is a way for us to expose our children to music they wouldn’t hear otherwise.

Bricia: Changing Your Pattern: Find something that you don’t enjoy and switch it to something you do enjoy and see how it impacts your life. Reframe the language or thought process you use to deal with different situations.  This Tony Robbins video touches upon how to start this process




This week on the podcast we share our favorite moments from the Super Mamas Social presented by Target. It was a beautiful afternoon of pampering for moms, fun activities for the kids, inspiring panels and amazing vendors in our Super Mamas Marketplace.

We share all about one of our favorite parts of the social that actually began the day before, when Northgate Markets pampered a few lucky moms at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena. Their adventure continued the day of the social when they were treated to makeovers by Cynthia Lorraine and her team, and styling by our very own Vaya Con Fashion.

Hear all about our favorite moments, the panels that made us laugh and cry. The story behind the Super Mamas Social and many more surprises including all about our Beyonce backdrop! 

We also loved meeting all of our mom’s, several who traveled from far and wide to attend the event. Thank you, Thank you! 

This was our second time hosting the event and it exceeded our wildest dreams! We loved hosting the event on Mother’s Day Weekend, so save the day for our 3rd Super Mamas Social May 12, 2018.

We want to thank all of our sponsors:

  • Target
  • Northgate Market
  • Munchkin
  • Ergo Baby
  • I Love Micheladas
  • Califia Farms
  • YMI  
  • Toyota of Downtown LA

Thank you to all of our speakers:

  • Hanna Lim
  • Natalie Alcala
  • Jacqui Saldana
  • Melissa Fumero
  • Rosalyn Sanchez
  • Eric Winter

Big thank you to all of our Super Mamas Marketplace Vendors:

  • Rageddy Tiff
  • Todo Verde
  • Viva Los Cupcakes
  • Love Swirls
  • Meru Company
  • Lollaland
  • The Designing Chica
  • Chus Baby’s
  • La Calenda
  • La Libreria
  • LA Preschool Collaborative
  • Lil Libros
  • La Calenda
  • Los  Angeles Bilingual Preschool Collaborative
  • Food Truck Stops Los Angeles

Thank you to our team that made this all possible

  • @Harlow Planning
  • @BorninJune Creative
  • @Camila Creative
  • @Lily Ro Photography
  • @vayaconfashion
  • Cynthia Lorraine
  • Our amazing volunteers!

Tips and Picks:




Our guest this week is Lisa Cook founder of kidSwim water safety expert. She is a veteran aquatic instructor and coach with decades of experience teaching families to be safe and less anxious in the water.

She created a developmental swim method that teaches kids to love the water at each age and stage, by focusing on specific motor/communication/sensory skill development. She believes when it comes to water safety, we should meet each child at where they are developmentally.  Once they’ve gained confidence and acquired specific water skills, we can push them beyond their comfort zone.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The right age to get your child comfortable in water

  • The do's and don'ts of water safety.

  • The best age to start lessons and how many years of lessons she recommends for all children to be officially, "Water Safe."

  • How to decide between group classes or private lessons and why we are our children's most valuable asset for water safety.

  • She gives us insights on how to raise children who love to swim and have a full understanding on how to swim in different situations.

As we prepare for Summer pool and beach time, you don't want to miss this episode about how to have fun and be safe with your kiddos!

Learn more about Kidswim by visiting Kidswim.Org. or by signing up for their newsletter or find them social media @KidswimLA.

Don't forget to get your tickets for the Super Mamas Social by visiting SuperMamasSocial.Com 





Chef Claudette Zepeda Wilkins is a mother of two, an all star chef and a #momhustler extraordinaire. In this episode, the #ChefMom sat down with us for an honest conversation about the challenges she has faced, her successes and her outlook on raising children.

Most recently, Claudette was a contestant on Mexico’s Top Chef 2017, she currently serves as Rise & Shine Restaurant Group’s Research and Development Chef. She is behind some of the most notable restaurants in the San Diego area and has worked alongside some of the hottest names in the food industry including, Javier Plascencia.

While she is currently a military wife, for years she was a single mother of two. She gets real about how she hustled to build her career as a young, single mom in a male dominated industry.

Claudette is a strong advocate for women to travel and see the world even if it means taking time away from the kids. She tells us about her own "Eat, Pray, Love" experience in Morocco and how it helped her find her center and pushed her to re-shape her career.  

How the conversations about breastfeeding ignore the truth about many women' lives. 

We also talk about sexism and discrimination in the food industry and how we have dealt with it throughout our lives. We share practical advice that can be applied to any industry. 

Claudette shares why she rejects the conventional wisdom, "Don't be friends with your kids," and manages to be have fun with them while still being "Mom" when she needs to be. Why she is the Anti-Latina mother and actually wants her kids to leave the nest at a young age. 

She is a prime example of how kids can serve as the motivation to propel us to dream bigger and work harder! This episode will leave you feeling like there is nothing you can't accomplish! 

We also announce more speakers for the Super Mamas Social! Get your tickets at Supermamasocial.com! 

Super Mamas Tip:

  • Have fun with your kids and learn to unplug. Even if it’s to take them for ice cream for 25 minutes without your phone.
  • Paulina: Prenatal vitamins used to be difficult for me to swallow but this time around Nordic Naturals Fish Oil with Strawberry Coating is easy to swallow for those who have a sensitivity to the taste of pills. I highly recommend them. 
  • Bricia: I recently bought my son a kitchen and he is really enjoying the Melissa & Doug Kitchen Toys

Show Notes:

Top Chef Mexico 2017

Javier Plascencia

Rise and Shine Restaurant Group

El Jardin

Breakfast Republic

Instagram: @ClaudetteZepedaWilkins

Super Mamas Social





We are so excited to share our 100th episode of the Super Mamas Podcast!

This week we take a walk down memory lane and talk about how the podcast has changed us, and impacted the lives of many of of our listeners. 

We dish about some of the guests that continue to inspire us, and what we have learned from the many experts and #Mombosses that have been guests on the show. 

We also talk about how the Super Mamas Social went from idea to reality. 

We get personal about what this podcast means to us, and our plans for the near future. 

We also talk about what we do for a living and how working as a family has always been at the core of who we are. 

We are grateful that what started as an idea for a show to talk about motherhood, has become a community of sisters from across the country that come together online, and in-person to support one another through thie journey of womanhood! 

We would not be here without you and we are so grateful for your love and support! Thank you for being a part of the Super Mamas Sisterhood!

Together we can move mountains! 

Don't forget to visit our community page for more great blog posts and content, including our Sister Spotlight! 

Don't forget to join us tonight for a 100 Episode "Ask Us Anything" Facebook Live! Check out our Facebook page for details! 

Show Notes: 

I Love Micheladas

I Love Mole


Episode 3: Patty Rodriguez

Episode 4: Linda Garcia

Episode 69: Ana Guerrero

Episode 5: Lily Love 

Episode 67: Jacqui Saldana @babyboybakery

Super Mamas Social

Super Mamas Facebook Group

Tips and Picks:

Super Mamas Podcast Community Page

Paulina's Pregnancy Update

Pretty Little Lies

Photos by: Lily Ro Photography