This week on the podcast we share our favorite moments from the Super Mamas Social presented by Target. It was a beautiful afternoon of pampering for moms, fun activities for the kids, inspiring panels and amazing vendors in our Super Mamas Marketplace.

We share all about one of our favorite parts of the social that actually began the day before, when Northgate Markets pampered a few lucky moms at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena. Their adventure continued the day of the social when they were treated to makeovers by Cynthia Lorraine and her team, and styling by our very own Vaya Con Fashion.

Hear all about our favorite moments, the panels that made us laugh and cry. The story behind the Super Mamas Social and many more surprises including all about our Beyonce backdrop! 

We also loved meeting all of our mom’s, several who traveled from far and wide to attend the event. Thank you, Thank you! 

This was our second time hosting the event and it exceeded our wildest dreams! We loved hosting the event on Mother’s Day Weekend, so save the day for our 3rd Super Mamas Social May 12, 2018.

We want to thank all of our sponsors:

  • Target
  • Northgate Market
  • Munchkin
  • Ergo Baby
  • I Love Micheladas
  • Califia Farms
  • YMI  
  • Toyota of Downtown LA

Thank you to all of our speakers:

  • Hanna Lim
  • Natalie Alcala
  • Jacqui Saldana
  • Melissa Fumero
  • Rosalyn Sanchez
  • Eric Winter

Big thank you to all of our Super Mamas Marketplace Vendors:

  • Rageddy Tiff
  • Todo Verde
  • Viva Los Cupcakes
  • Love Swirls
  • Meru Company
  • Lollaland
  • The Designing Chica
  • Chus Baby’s
  • La Calenda
  • La Libreria
  • LA Preschool Collaborative
  • Lil Libros
  • La Calenda
  • Los  Angeles Bilingual Preschool Collaborative
  • Food Truck Stops Los Angeles

Thank you to our team that made this all possible

  • @Harlow Planning
  • @BorninJune Creative
  • @Camila Creative
  • @Lily Ro Photography
  • @vayaconfashion
  • Cynthia Lorraine
  • Our amazing volunteers!

Tips and Picks:




Our guest this week is Lisa Cook founder of kidSwim water safety expert. She is a veteran aquatic instructor and coach with decades of experience teaching families to be safe and less anxious in the water.

She created a developmental swim method that teaches kids to love the water at each age and stage, by focusing on specific motor/communication/sensory skill development. She believes when it comes to water safety, we should meet each child at where they are developmentally.  Once they’ve gained confidence and acquired specific water skills, we can push them beyond their comfort zone.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • The right age to get your child comfortable in water

  • The do's and don'ts of water safety.

  • The best age to start lessons and how many years of lessons she recommends for all children to be officially, "Water Safe."

  • How to decide between group classes or private lessons and why we are our children's most valuable asset for water safety.

  • She gives us insights on how to raise children who love to swim and have a full understanding on how to swim in different situations.

As we prepare for Summer pool and beach time, you don't want to miss this episode about how to have fun and be safe with your kiddos!

Learn more about Kidswim by visiting Kidswim.Org. or by signing up for their newsletter or find them social media @KidswimLA.

Don't forget to get your tickets for the Super Mamas Social by visiting SuperMamasSocial.Com 





Chef Claudette Zepeda Wilkins is a mother of two, an all star chef and a #momhustler extraordinaire. In this episode, the #ChefMom sat down with us for an honest conversation about the challenges she has faced, her successes and her outlook on raising children.

Most recently, Claudette was a contestant on Mexico’s Top Chef 2017, she currently serves as Rise & Shine Restaurant Group’s Research and Development Chef. She is behind some of the most notable restaurants in the San Diego area and has worked alongside some of the hottest names in the food industry including, Javier Plascencia.

While she is currently a military wife, for years she was a single mother of two. She gets real about how she hustled to build her career as a young, single mom in a male dominated industry.

Claudette is a strong advocate for women to travel and see the world even if it means taking time away from the kids. She tells us about her own "Eat, Pray, Love" experience in Morocco and how it helped her find her center and pushed her to re-shape her career.  

How the conversations about breastfeeding ignore the truth about many women' lives. 

We also talk about sexism and discrimination in the food industry and how we have dealt with it throughout our lives. We share practical advice that can be applied to any industry. 

Claudette shares why she rejects the conventional wisdom, "Don't be friends with your kids," and manages to be have fun with them while still being "Mom" when she needs to be. Why she is the Anti-Latina mother and actually wants her kids to leave the nest at a young age. 

She is a prime example of how kids can serve as the motivation to propel us to dream bigger and work harder! This episode will leave you feeling like there is nothing you can't accomplish! 

We also announce more speakers for the Super Mamas Social! Get your tickets at Supermamasocial.com! 

Super Mamas Tip:

  • Have fun with your kids and learn to unplug. Even if it’s to take them for ice cream for 25 minutes without your phone.
  • Paulina: Prenatal vitamins used to be difficult for me to swallow but this time around Nordic Naturals Fish Oil with Strawberry Coating is easy to swallow for those who have a sensitivity to the taste of pills. I highly recommend them. 
  • Bricia: I recently bought my son a kitchen and he is really enjoying the Melissa & Doug Kitchen Toys

Show Notes:

Top Chef Mexico 2017

Javier Plascencia

Rise and Shine Restaurant Group

El Jardin

Breakfast Republic

Instagram: @ClaudetteZepedaWilkins

Super Mamas Social





We are so excited to share our 100th episode of the Super Mamas Podcast!

This week we take a walk down memory lane and talk about how the podcast has changed us, and impacted the lives of many of of our listeners. 

We dish about some of the guests that continue to inspire us, and what we have learned from the many experts and #Mombosses that have been guests on the show. 

We also talk about how the Super Mamas Social went from idea to reality. 

We get personal about what this podcast means to us, and our plans for the near future. 

We also talk about what we do for a living and how working as a family has always been at the core of who we are. 

We are grateful that what started as an idea for a show to talk about motherhood, has become a community of sisters from across the country that come together online, and in-person to support one another through thie journey of womanhood! 

We would not be here without you and we are so grateful for your love and support! Thank you for being a part of the Super Mamas Sisterhood!

Together we can move mountains! 

Don't forget to visit our community page for more great blog posts and content, including our Sister Spotlight! 

Don't forget to join us tonight for a 100 Episode "Ask Us Anything" Facebook Live! Check out our Facebook page for details! 

Show Notes: 

I Love Micheladas

I Love Mole


Episode 3: Patty Rodriguez

Episode 4: Linda Garcia

Episode 69: Ana Guerrero

Episode 5: Lily Love 

Episode 67: Jacqui Saldana @babyboybakery

Super Mamas Social

Super Mamas Facebook Group

Tips and Picks:

Super Mamas Podcast Community Page

Paulina's Pregnancy Update

Pretty Little Lies

Photos by: Lily Ro Photography



This week we had one of our favorite people visit us! Jacqui Saldana is back on the show to give us an update on her life and what's new in all things Baby Boy Bakery, Baby Journal and We Cook Kit. She also introduces her newest venture the Toddler Baby Journal, a special book to capture memories of your child between the ages of 1-3. 

She also tells us all about traveling with her daughter to promote her newest project and the many conversations she had with parents across the country at events like SXSW. 

The ladies also talk about the transition from infancy to toddlerhood and the different things we carry as our kids grow older. Why it's ok to do the best that we can, whether it's be a screen-mom or make your own baby sunscreen. Why Jacqui is a no-judgment mom, and why worrying about being a good mom is a sign of being a good mom. 

How her son inspired her first project We Cook Kit, and how she got started on this venture. A beautiful way to get cooking with your kids and build lifetime memories. How moments of stress and hurry are actually opportunities for us to bond with our children. 

Finally, she shares with us how happiness is choice she makes everyday and how she honors the legacy of her son everyday. 

See more of Jacqui and her amazing products at the Super Mamas Social on May 13th! Get your tickets today

Show Notes:

Baby Boy Bakery

We Cook Kit

Baby Journal

Toddler Journal

Super Mamas Social

Tips and Picks: 

  • Garnier: Micellar No Water Cleanser 
  • Make A Video With Your Kids- Use the features on your Iphone to interview your kids to capture them at various stages. 
  • Journaling About Your Kids-write down memories of your likes and dislikes at various stages.  
  • Harmless Coconut Water- The BEST coconut water according to our in-house expert, Bricia! 





This week we sat down with Tanya Whitford is Certified Professional Organizer and owner of “Organizing Wonders.” She focuses on residential organizing and handles all areas of the home from bedrooms to home offices to garages- even inside cars.

Tanya loves making a positive difference in people’s lives by helping them overcome the things that have been holding them back. Whether it is clutter, an overwhelming project, a mental block, or simply something nobody else wants to do.

She also talk to us about how to keep memories, and how to know when we are ready to get rid of our past.

She gives us tips about where to donate our unused items.

She also tells us how to incorporate our children in the process of decluttering and how to decide what memories of theirs to keep.

She also talks about the emotional reasons why we keep things

She is here to help us get organized just in time for Spring Cleaning!

We also get an update on Bricia’s fall and the changes in Paulina’s life!

Show Notes:

H&M Recycling Program

Organizing Wonders

What To Do With Outgrown Kids Clothes

Organizing Toys

Picks and Tips:

  • Don’t let guilt be the reason you hold on to things. Keep a bag  for donation in your closet and this way things won’t build up.
  • Don’t feel guilty about not being able to organize everything in your life. Enjoy your time and your family. What matters is the memories not the stuff and experiences
  • H&M has donation program, if you bring used clothes to donate you receive 20 percent off your purchase.
  • Buy a happy light to boost your mood, and for early risers it helps you wake up since it mimics sunlight.



We are so excited to share this episode with you! We sat down with Camila Alves, a dedicated mother, fashion and lifestyle expert, philanthropist and Co-Founder of Yummy Spoonfuls. She is also the wife of Academy-Award winning actor, Matthew Mcconaughey and a former model.

She gives us insights on how she juggles multiple projects with grace, while prioritizing her children, and avoiding stress. She also challenges Paulina to a life-changing experiment!

We talk about raising her children ages 8,7,4, her upbringing in Brazil, and how a life of entrepreneurship and hard work continue to motivate her to work hard.

She shared with us how her own struggles to make healthy meals for her children led her to seek healthy options in stores and eventually to co-found Yummy Spoonfuls and expand it to stores nationwide. She gives us tips on how to find out what products are safe for our children.

But because Camila is a #momboss her work doesn’t stop there.

Hear the story of how her and her husband founded the Just Keep Living Foundation after the birth of their first son, Levi. How the spirit of giving back is a core value that drives her and how her parents instilled that in her.

Learn about her newest venture, her lifestyle site Women of Today and why she is excited about the power of online communities.

She shares the benefits of having children close in age and how to find projects that fill your soul!

Listen to the end to find out her model approved way to get ready for the red carpet! You don’t want to miss this one ladies! This woman has beauty, style, humor and candor.

Find Yummy Spoonfuls at Target Store freezer aisles nationwide. 

Show Notes

Yummy Spoonfuls

Just Keep Living Foundation

Women of Today


Clean Label Project

Parsley Tea

Aloe Vera Pills

Tips and Picks

Camila: Cooking: On Saturday’s I wake up early to prepare beans and dishes that I can freeze to make my life easier on weekdays. 

Dressing Kids: Let kids pick out several outfits the night before to avoid them going to the closet in the mornings.

Bricia: Humidity in homes can lead to increased bacterial growth which could lead to more frequent illnesses. Purchase a humidity gauge to learn where your house’s current levels are.

Paulina: The calm app is great for meditation but it also has breathing exercises. I go to my car and practice deep breathing and it has helped me tremendously.




This week on the show we have our very first Super Mamacita guest! Wendy Carrillo is not a mom, but she is an inspirational woman, sister, and daughter. She is a journalist, activist, and is now running for Congress in Los Angeles' district 34 in a special election that will happen on April 4th. 

We discuss her journey as an immigrant, and her trajectory in journalism. She also talks about her activism, including her time fighting for environmental and water rights and the important role women, and mothers play in these efforts. Plus, the powerful experience that led her to run for office in the same place where she grew up.

We also get back to Civics 101, and she tells us what does Congress does and why voting in local elections matters. 

She also gives us tips on how to raise children who love to read, and believe in themselves. 

Wendy's story teaches us that we can all be the change we want to see in the world and that our perspective as women, mothers and immigrants matters.

To learn more about Wendy Carrillo's campaign visit her site www.votewendycarrillo.com. Find her on Instagram @wendycarrillo or on Facebook @votewendycarrillo. You can also watch the video below to learn more about her campaign. 

Show Notes: 

CD 34 Special Election

Wendy Carrillo: Why I'm Running for Congress

About the Dakota Access Pipeline

What Does Congress Do? 


Wendy: Since she loses sunglasses often, rather than purchasing designer sunglasses, she purchases multiple inexpensive glasses at discounts stores.

Paulina: Teach your kids the value of the dollar by having them write down items and prices of items they want. Even kids as young as 5 like mine can start doing small chores, and "work" to earn money for items they want

Bricia: Even younger children can also do chores at home. Children as young as 2 can sort laundry, help set and clean up the table. The point is to have them perform task not only for themselves but for the entire family. Empowering kids through serving from an early age is a great way to raise good citizens!  





We are kicking off Women’s History Month with a #momboss extraordinaire, Beatriz Acevedo founding partner and president of everyone’s favorite website, MiTú, the leading technology-driven media brand focused on creating fresh and innovative content for the mobile generation.

She is a digital pioneer, Latin media expert and network approved show-runner with more than 20 years of entertainment experience, having created, developed and produced hundreds of original, primetime television shows and award-winning digital series.

She is a wife, mother of 11-year old twins, and an avid cook.

This woman can really do it all! 

She takes us through her origins growing up on the U.S/Mexico border, how she kick-started her career in media at 8 years old! Won Emmy's in her early 20's and how a chance encounter with director Robert Rodriguez led her to Los Angeles and on a trajectory that eventually led her to create her own media company. 

She also gets candid about her own struggles adapting to motherhood and how she deals with #momguilt. She shares what gets her through those tough moments and how she finds balance while traveling and managing her career. She even talks to us about her multi-cultural family, and how it has influenced her cooking. 

We were so happy that she took time out of her busy schedule to talk to us about her amazing career trajectory.

Her story inspires us all to create the life we want!

Show Notes:

Mi Tu

Gina Rodriguez Interviews Barack Obama

Tips and Picks: 

Calm Kids is great for younger kids. Beatriz meditates with her son every night. 

Watch Babies on Netflix

Swanwick Sleep - Blue light blocking glasses

Leaders Eat Last





This week we talked to Jenny Phelps of Oh Crap! Potty Training about all things potty training. Jenny has worked with hundreds of families to create potty training methods and practices that meet their unique needs. She gave us so many great tips and insights that have already helped us potty train our kids! 

She answered some of the most frequently asked questions about how to successfully potty train kids. Did you know there is an ideal age to start potty training? Between 24 and 30 months is the ideal time since children are not going through any other major milestones and so they can adapt to this change with ease. 

The best way to start is to do full immersion where your child is bottomless for 2-4 days and you have the time to focus exclusively on supporting your child and creating the right environment for potty training. She gave us great tips on how to get started! And how to know when to proceed from immersion to the next stages of potty training. 

Jenny also told us her favorite potty's and gear. Including what to do when you are in restaurants and how to navigate daycare and travel situations. 

We also learn how to deal with the setbacks and regressions that are a natural part of the process and how pull-ups could actually be counterproductive to the potty training process.  

Unconventional tips, like how a yellow SOLO cup can help you potty train. 

How to deal with a child that is resisting potty training.

The answer to the question all mom's of boys have, do they pee sitting or standing? 

We also talk about the most common mistake you need to avoid, and the 3 C's of potty training: consistency, calm and commitment. 

We also share about our own potty training methods and adventures. 

Thank You Jenny for coming on the show! Learn more about Jenny's personalized consulting and classes here. You can also find her on Facebook and on her site

Show Notes:  

Primo 4-In-1 Potty

Munchkin 3-In-1 Potty

Polette Training Potty 

Yellow Cup

How to Deal With Potty Training Resistance


Noisy automatic flushing in public restrooms can scare young children. To de-activate the sensor place a post-it in front of it before your child sits. 


Oh Crap! Potty Training Books  

Aqueduck Faucet Extender

Flairosol Stylist Reusable Spray Bottle




Samara Fabrick is a California-certified Licensed Clinical Social Worker and an experienced psychotherapist with over two decades of experience teaching couples how to have successful marriages. In this episode, she gives us tips and insights on how to stay in love and keep a strong connection with our partners when we have young children. 

She teaches us how to create a culture of appreciation and affection in our relationships that will lead to marital bliss.  Plus! How to insulate our relationships to withstand difficult times. 

Hear her tips on how to keep things steamy in the bedroom even after decades of marriage. These are guaranteed to increase the romance in your relationship! 

Paulina gets real about how Latino cultural attitudes impact our ability to talk about sex, impact our lives and shares tips on how to get more comfortable talking about the subject. 

Samara also shares with us a life-changing tip to improve intimacy with yourself and your partner that you don't want to miss!


 Express love and appreciation towards your spouse during good times, those expressions of love insulate your relationship during bad times. 

Create sacred space for your relationship for sensual activities like: reading poetry, foot massages, listening to music, take showers together. These activities promote intimacy even if they don't involve sex. 

Compliment your partner on a random day, it will serve as a quick confidence booster.

Get yourself in the mood: Take a shower, light some candles and set the mood for romance. If you build it, it will come.  


7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

The Power of When

Thank you so much to Samara Fabrick for sharing her professional and personal expertise with our listeners!  

Learn more about her and her practice on her site samarafabrick.com. 



In this very special Valentine's Day episode, we share the stories behind how we met our husbands. 

The life-changing moment when Paulina first met her husband and the novela-like story that followed. Learn about the many up's and down's that have ensued in their long relationship and the many different ways that they have celebrated Valentine's Day. 

How a chance encounter led Bricia to find her true love and perfect match. Of course, Mezcal ,Bricia's special charm, and Chinese astrology were involved. Their spiritual and romantic road to happily ever after is quite cinematic. 

You don't want to miss all the emotional and juicy details! 

We also give advice on how to make sure you get what you want for Valentine's Day! 


Date your husband. Your husband comes first! 

Do random acts of kindness for your husband without expecting anything in return. 


Liberator Hard Wedge Positioning Pillow

This week's episode was brought to you by I Love Mole! Check out the store for delicious and easy to prepare mole. 



This week we spoke to Ramona Ortega from My Money, My Future a mission-driven financial tech company that combines tailored content and simple to use tools to help young consumers manage their money with confidence.

She talked to us about her mission to make sure people have the right information about money and break down the stigma about talking about money. In this episode, we discuss the basics of personal and family finances and issues like: credit, life insurance, wills, retirement plans and emergency savings. How to go from surviving to thriving!

Learn about financial triggers and the connection between money and emotion and why it leads to overspending.

We also dive into how to financially prepare for a new child, and how to talk to children about money and building wealth.

She breaks down the importance of credit, and why it speaks to you no matter where you go. Why not having credit is also a problem.

Why making money isn’t the same as having net-worth.

Bricia also gives us an update on her latest emergency preparedness buys and of. course our tips and picks of the weeks can be found below! 

There is so much knowledge in this episode.This episode is great for anyone that wants to go from surviving to thriving!

For more money advice visit her site Mi Dinero, Mi Futuro for more great tips and to access financial planning and budgeting tools. 

Show Notes: 

Mi Dinero, Mi Futuro

Dry Food for Emergency  

Portable Gas Stove and Butane

Fire Proof Safe

Tips and Picks: 

Digit Savings App

Robin Hood Investing App

Ally Online Banking

Things I Know for Sure





This week, we talk to #Momboss, and Warrior of Life, Krissy LeFevre who is Vice President of Ludo Management, Inc.  Krissy is the mother of a twin boy and girl that were delivered via surrogate.

In this powerful episode, she talked to us about her long seven-year journey to becoming a mother, after surviving cervical cancer, a hysterectomy, and a failed adoption.

She goes in depth into the process of retrieving her eggs, finding a surrogate and the surprising egg donor that made her dream of motherhood a reality.

She talked to us about her career trajectory from being an attorney, to being on The Apprentice, to building a worldwide food brand that includes multiple restaurants, and spearheading innovative food experiences across the country with her husband Chef Ludo.

Her experience on The Apprentice and how it prepared her to raise twins.

The reason why she posed for Playboy magazine and the role it played in her becoming a mother.

She also has a candid conversation with us about how to talk to kids about difficult subjects.

This is a perfect episode for anyone who has dealt with or is dealing with difficult circumstances, had difficulty conceiving or anyone who needs inspiration.  

You can follow Krissy and her family’s adventures by following them on Instagram: Krissy @frenchchefwife, her son Luca @lucaeats, and her husband, Chef Ludo @chefludo

Show Notes:

Ludo Bites America

All-Star Chef Classic

Trois Familia

Chef Ludo

Ludo Bird  

Petit Trois

Krissy’s Tips:

Krissy always speaks openly to her children. She has spoke candidly to them about how they were born. She believes in teaching moments, from encouraging her kids to help others, taking her daughter to the women’s march and to talking to them about immigration issues. Honesty is one of her most important parenting values.

Bricia Tips:

The New Yorker

Water Containers




This week on the show we interviewed Rachel Matos Director of Social Media for We All Grow Latina Network and lifestyle blogger at The Art Muse. She talked to us about her life with her fiance and teenage son, and her experience with a divorce and moving across the country when her son was a child. 

Rachel shares tips on how to communicate with your teenage son, how to set boundaries, and how to foster a relationship as your son goes through various stages. 

She also talked to us about her background in art. Rachel honed her art skills at the School of Visual Arts and Columbia University and later worked in the museum field as a program curator and lecturer/educator for prestigious institutions like The Guggenheim and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

We have a special guest during our introduction that you don't want to miss! 

This episode and our “It’s The Little Things,” segment is brought to you by Munchkin, developing innovative, modern and credible products for babies and children that make parents lives easier and more enjoyable by thinking of the little things.

Show Notes: 

Tony Robbins Business Mastery

Cristela Alonzo Netflix Special

The Art Muse

We All Grow Latina Network

Seven Things To Do With Your Teenage Son

Tips and Picks: 

Calm App for Meditation

How I Built This

Kubo and The Two Strings




This week we tackle a very important subject: postpartum depression and anxiety. We talked to expert, Gabrielle Kaufman MA,LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC a clinical counselor with over 20 years of experience in the helping profession who currently serves as the Director of Training and Technical Assistance at Maternal Mental Health Now. An organization that works to ensure mothers are receiving proper diagnosis and mental health support during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. 

We talked about how to identify the signs of postpartum depression and anxiety. Including how to distinguish between baby blues, and depression.

Why if something feels so different that you can’t function, then it’s time to ask someone about it: You can ask your family, your doctor, someone at your church.

Why we need to break through common misconceptions about postpartum depression that exist in Latino communities and in the media.

Learn what is the first step you should take if you suspect you are suffering from postpartum depression.

Why postpartum depression doesn’t just happen to women who gave birth recently.

Paulina also talks about her own experience dealing with postpartum depression and shares how we can be helpful to other women suffering from this.

They also share the one thing you should never tell a woman who just had a baby. How misconceptions about motherhood hurt women and their families.

We dive into the difference between postpartum depression, anxiety and postpartum psychosis.

Our expert also shares good news,  that the majority of women suffering from postpartum depression recover after treatment and support.

As a mother herself, she also gets real about the not so fun parts of motherhood.

We also talk about how all moms can feel better about themselves post-baby, including how to find time for yourself, and how to tune into your sensual and feminine side.

We also tell you about our adventures at Disneyland and give you an update on potty training our toddlers.

If you or someone you know suspects they are suffering from postpartum depression or need someone to talk to after delivering a baby please call 1.800.944.4773 or visit postpartum.net

For information about finding a mental health provider in Los Angeles County please visit MaternalMentalHealthNow.Org

Show Notes:

Picks of the Week:

Tips of the Week:

  • Channel feminine energy by moving and touching. Lighting candles and smelling good. Let yourself feel sensual.
  • Breastfeeding leads to vaginal dryness, use lubrication and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 
  • Think of other ways to be sensual together that might not involve sex, like dancing or taking a bath together. 



Roxy Jimenez is the founder of Fit4Mom LA, she is back in the studio to share workout tips, nutrition, and health tips with us. She was a previous guest on the show, she talked to us about her experience dealing with a miscarriage.

Roxy is the mother of two children, including an 8 month old baby girl. Shortly after her daughter was born she was diagnosed with a heart condition and needed immediate surgery.

Roxy talked to us about the depression she suffered as her youngest went through heart surgery. In a very candid conversation, she talks about how this affected her relationship, and how she dealt with the fear her daughter’s illness brought into her life.

She describes the moment she had to admit to herself when she needed support and how exercise is playing a role in her journey.

We also provide you an update on potty training, and some great tips on how to cook for your child

This episode and our “It’s The Little Things,” segment is brought to you by Munchkin, developing innovative, modern and credible products for babies and children that make parents lives easier and more enjoyable by thinking of the little things.

Show Notes:

Training Underwear

Training Boxer Briefs

Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

Munchkin Potty

Stroller Stride

Tips and Picks of the Week: 


Belgian Waffle Maker

Whole Grain Flap Jack and Waffle Mix

Pyrex Measuring Cups

Daves Killer Bread

Coconut Oil

Hot Lemon and Water

Lemon, Ginger, Wellness and Turmeric Shot




In our first episode of the year, we share all about our 8 day trip to our Oaxaca, Mexico. We talk about our experience flying with children, and spending the holidays with our entire family which included unexpected illnesses, limpia, ojo and unorthodox cures.

We also share our potty training successes, and adventures.

We also admit how we feel after uninterrupted time with family and our kids.  

Why sometimes you need time to hibernate to rejuvenate and the benefits of taking time off with our families.

We tell you how we celebrated New Year's Eve! 

Listen to learn about how we are getting ourselves set up for success in 2017! This includes getting ourselves organized, and setting goals based on what we learned from Tony Robbins.

We also discuss wellness, our favorite vitamin supplements and how we are planning to stay healthy in the new year!  

Plus Bricia's son joins them in the studio and holds a special surprise! 

Show Notes:

Vitamin Supplements

Tips & Picks of the Week: Calendars and Planners




In our last episode of the year we share about our experience attending “Date with Destiny” a 6-day retreat in Boca Raton with Tony Robbins. The retreat included powerful meditations, examination of values, the self, and tools to transform your heart and mind.

WE share how the experience at this retreat has made it easier for us to navigate stressful situations. We walked in the rain, learned a lot about themselves, our weaknesses, our strengths and values. It also forced us to examine our areas of growth.

Paulina confronted her depressive tendencies, Bricia confronted her issues with energy.

We share loads of useful tips for happier, more fulfilled lives. Listen to hear about:

  • The daily practices we learned and how we have been implementing them in their lives.

  • The power of mindset when dealing with emotions related to stress, and exhaustion.

  • What is Peak State?

  • Why we should look at the positive things in situations rather than the negatives.

  • The power of meditating with intention

  • A quick exercise to get in touch with your heart and emotions, and show gratitude.

  • Tony’s approach to the differences between men and women. The polarities between the masculine and feminine and how they impact our relationships.

  • On the "It’s the Little Things Segment," we share the 4 words that make a huge difference. Paulina shares how she is creating daily practices with her daughters based on what she learned at the at Date with Destiny. 

Bricia also shares about a recent 5AM incident with her son that included a fun “poopy” surprise!  

We also talk about their excitement over being together as a family in Oaxaca in their parents new home.

We also share their gratitude and final thoughts for the year.

Happy Holidays to all of our listeners. Thank you for all of your love and support this year. 

We will resume episodes in 2017! 

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Tony Robbins: What Makes Relationships Work

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Lysol Disinfectant Spray

Packing Tips: Ziploc Gallon Bags to save packing space and store outfits in labeled ziploc bags.



What best way to get into the Holiday Spirit than to spend a day experiencing the magic of Disney in  the "Festival of Holidays" at the Disneyland Resort?  On this episode we take you with us on some of our favorite moments from that day, from the lighting of "Small World", to meeting and interviewing some of the amazing people behind these festivities.  We talk to Head Pastry Chef Jorge Sotelo and to Norma Perez Juarez about their work with Disney and they share  some some insider tips to get the best out of your experience at the park.  

We had an amazing time feeling like kids again and we definitely got into the holiday spirits right away!

This episode is brought to you by Target.


Festival of Holidays at Disney 

Jorge Sotelo-Foodie Award Winner

Disneyland Parks